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Website Design

Webkah operates on a project based price point. This means that while some features are included with the price of your new website, the majority of your cost comes from the amount and type of content that your website will provide to users. For a detailed list of prices and project descriptions, please contact us.


The Guarantee

The items listed below are included free of charge with every new website irrespective of the amount or type of content.

Your website will:

  • Comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines and AODA standards
  • Have a responsive design and look visually appealing on all mobile and desktop devices
  • Track web traffic via Google Analytics
  • Report on search engine statistics via Google Search Console
  • Absolutely ZERO advertising


Template and Design

Build your brand, template design, and marketing strategy for your new site.

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Content Web Pages

Optimize website content for accessibility, usability and visibility.

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Interactive Web Pages

Engage users with a photo gallery, news listing, events calendar, or customized app.

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To get started, send an email or send a message on Facebook. Provide a detailed description of what you're looking for and we can set up a free virtual consultation meeting to discuss your digital needs.

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